Election 2023 General Information

Election Day --- November 7th, 2023

General Election --- November 7th, 2023

Early voting for the November General Election will be October 28th, 2023 - November 5, 2023

The last day to register to vote: October 28, 2023

The last day to request an absentee ballot in person: November 6, 2023

Information on voter registration, absentee voting, polling sites, candidates can be found at;

Critical Information: Regarding voting in the 2022 Primaries

There’s been a lot of talk lately about New York State’s redistricting plan, how it impacts Republicans, how it impacts Democrats, what does it mean for incumbents and for challengers. But there has been little, if any, guidelines for how does all this affect YOU – the voters!

Reclaim has compiled answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the spring, summer and fall elections, voter registration and other matters important to those who want their voices heard and their votes to make a difference. You will also find helpful information and answers to any questions you may have on the New York State official Board of Elections website, www.elections.ny.gov

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Webinar: Make 2022 a Fair and Transparent Election

Be the Eyes of Democracy !
with Fred Umane

The Webinar will be held on
Thursday, October 6 from 6 – 7 pm.

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Election Day Team Poll Watcher Manual Poll Watchers outside of NYC

Fred Umane has served as a Commissioner of the New York City Board of Elections since 1995 and served as President during the last three mayoral election years. He has been active in local politics for over thirty years.

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He is a partner at Zeichner, Ellman & Krause LLP and heads the firm’s transactional banking, corporate and real estate group. In this multi-disciplinary capacity, Fred has substantial experience in bank regulatory matters and issues involving mortgage fraud, automobile and hotel finance. As part of this practice, Fred handles environmental, trust and estates and tax matters. He has lectured on loan documentation and real estate matters to various bank, credit training, and trade association groups and has assisted in the creation of bank credit policies for unrecognized cooperative lending, art and real estate lending. He has been designated as a “Super Lawyer” for the last ten years.

Known as a problem solver and deal maker, Fred’s reasoned and skillful approach to transactions provides the right atmosphere to document and close secured and unsecured loans to high net worth individuals. As a result of this approach, Fred provides sought after advice to many of the Private Banks and Wealth Management groups in New York and elsewhere around the United States.

Fred is also experienced in construction lending, industrial development loans, Small Business Administration guaranteed loans and loan structures involving New Markets Tax Credits.

Suzanne Tufts
Acting Executive Director
Reclaim New York

Webinar: Make 2022 a Fair and Transparent Election

Reclaim invites you to a webinar, to be held Thursday, October 6 th from 6:00 – pm – 7:00 pm on one of the most important aspects of the election season and one of the most important citizenship functions you can perform – serving as a poll worker or as a poll watcher on election day (and in the cases of poll workers, for the mail in period prior to election day).

We are honored that Commissioner Fred Umane, Esq., Commissioner of the New York City Board of Elections, and a prominent attorney in New York, has agreed to present this critical online seminar.

There has been much debate about the fairness of and procedures involved in elections. But an election is only as fair and transparent as the workers who staff the polls. Fred will cover the basics of everything you wanted to know about becoming a paid poll worker and insuring the dignity, fairness and orderliness of the election process. We will also explain step by step how to sign up for such a position, what the payment is, and answer all other basic questions.

Please join us on October 6 th for what promises to be an informative and exciting presentation. Your help is critically needed, and we hope to see you.

Survey of Reclaim Stakeholders

Over the past six months Reclaim has engaged in several surveys of concerned citizens in New York State. The Surveys were a resounding success in terms of learning more about Reclaim's base and how Reclaim can help New Yorkers make their government more transparent and accountable. Thank you!

The surveys yielded an above average level of input, attention, engagement, and activism compared to other groups and not for profit organizations. In addition, given the unusually high numbers of Reclaimers who stated that they are registered to vote, it appears that Reclaim New York represents one of the larger, most dedicated voting blocks in the State.

On behalf of all of us at Reclaim, thank you.

Suzanne Tufts
Acting Executive Director
Reclaim New York

About Us

We love New York, but our politicians won't police themselves. Albany politicians believe that government knows best and their friends come first. They're robbing us of our families, our finances, and our future. Their belief in the politics of envy will be the death of New York.

Somebody must stop this socialist slide, protect the taxpayer, and fight for the basic freedoms that made New York the Empire State. That somebody is Reclaim and the battle has begun.

We envision a freer New York made prosperous and competitive by improving public policy, nurturing civic engagement, and strengthening state and local government accountability.


Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers freedom-minded citizens to understand the real story behind state and local policy.

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